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302038, Орловская область, Орёл, Металлургов, 44
  • Регион: Орел и Орловская область
  • Район: городской округ Орел
  • Город: Орел
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    • (4862) 33-11-35
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    люди помогите на улице серова есть парикмахерская сколько в ней стоит красивая причёска? самая не дорогая? ! город омск

    а что за город? какая именно парикмахерская? )
    позвоните и узнайте цены

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    I usually get up at 6.30. I make my morning exercises, wash face, clean my teeth and comb my hair. Then I make breakfast for the whole
    family. My children get up at 7 o'clock. They wash their faces and
    get dressed (dress themselves) . My son goes to kindergarten. My daughter goes to school.
    We leave home at 8 o'clock . Then I go home to do housework and
    cook dinner. When I (have a rest) rest, I like to listen to the music or watch TV. My
    daughter comes home at 2 o'clock . We have dinner at 2.30. Then we go to
    dance classes. Sometimes I and my children stroll down the street.
    Sometimes we read books or watch cartoons on tv. When my husband
    comes from work, we have dinner. We go to
    bed at 9.30. Где-то так. Грамматику, предлоги, местоимения исправил.

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    My Family

    Surname of our family is Smirnov. We live in Engels, Russia.

    My father's name is Nikolay. He is forty years old. He works in a factory. His hobby is numismatics. He collects old coins. I think it is very interesting.

    My mother is Jalia. She is thirty seven. She works as a school teacher. She is fond of embroidery. I think she is a gifted person.

    I have neither brothers nor sisters. But I have a small cousin. Her name is Tanya. She is five years old. She goes to the kindergarden and learns to dance in a music school. She is a very hardworking girl.

    My name is Sonya. I am fifteen years old. I am a first year student of the College of arts. Besides music, I like to read foreighn clasiic literature. My favourite authors are Gustave Flobert, Conan Doyly and Daniel Defoe.

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